My name is Cara MariAnna.

I’m an artist and writer with a PhD in American Studies. Here you’ll find a partial story of my adventures — a long journey with disabling illness and the winding road back to recovery.

While here I invite you to view my paintings, abstracts in oil and gouache — emotional landscapes that depict the convergence of my inner and outer worlds. The paintings are in a sense portraits of the vignettes I publish on Substack. As in the paintings, my writing is informed by an enduring love of nature, decades of meditation, long years of illness, and the curious lessons I’ve learned along the way. Welcome to The Journey We Take.

Karma Ripens

After a sunny day spent rock climbing, I found myself in the local ER. It was near midnight and silent technicians had just performed an echocardiogram.
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Karma Bears Fruit

I stood beneath the warm water of the shower shaking with fatigue, my legs barely able to hold me up. Neon lights shimmered in my brain…
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The Power of a Choice

Among the things I learned during years of illness was the immense power we have to transform our life through the decisions we make.
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